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Aroma Card

For the balance on your Aroma cards enter the number on the bottom right, or top left of your card, to the left of the hyphen

Aroma Card
The aroma card grants a regular discount of 10% on each purchase. The card can be obtained at the Aroma branches and it can be charged with different sums starting from 100 NIS up to 400 NIS, by multiples of 10 NIS.

Gift Card
Are you an organization or company looking for a gift for your employees or new customers? An Aroma Gift Card can be used as a mean of rewarding and as  means for promoting sales for companies for various purposes such as a gift to employees, a gift to new customers, an incentive for action and more. A product is charged onto the Gift Card in advance (coffee & pastry or breakfast). For details you can contact us at info@aroma.co.il or at telephone: 03- 6227524.

Aroma Natbag
This card is available for travel agents who are interested in providing organized groups with a treat while waiting at the departures terminal to board their flight.

The accumulated balance on the various Aroma cards can be verified at all times at the branches' cash registers. Furthermore, it is possible to do this by typing in the number of the card that you have at the head of this page.

The various Aroma Cards are not valid at the Aroma branches in Tel Aviv – Jaffa, and in Apllied branch. 'Aroma Natbag' card is valid only in Ben-Gurion Airport branch.

Please note!
Aroma Cards whom expiration date is December 31st, 2013 at the latest, will be honored at our branches no later than April 30th, 2014. Past that date, Aroma Cards will not be honored and will not be refunded. Any balance left on the cards will be designated towards corporate responsibility purposes

ארומה קארד

Please read the Aroma Cards Terms of Use
for more info please contact the customer service