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United States

Aroma opened its first café outside of Israel in 2006 – the Aroma café in SoHo, New York. The opening of this café signaled the beginning of the chain’s expansion outside of Israel and the beginning of its overseas strategy: Preserving the qualities familiar to our customers in Israel, such as gourmet coffee, fresh and healthy food, innovative design, a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service, while making necessary adjustments to the menu to suit the tastes of the local clientele.
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Since then, an additional three cafés have been opened in New York (on the Upper West Side, on 42nd Street near the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, and downtown near the former site of the World Trade Center).  Surfers on Miami’s beaches can also enjoy an Ice Aroma at any of our four local cafés on Miami Beach and Sunny Isles, as can the residents of Paramus, New Jersey and Bethesda, Maryland.

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