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Aroma Israel's Internet Site Terms and Conditions


Dear customers,

This site includes changing information about Aroma Israel coffee shop chain, the chain's branches, and the different products sold at the branches.

Use of the site is subject to the terms set forth in these terms and conditions.

We recommend reviewing these terms since using the site and the activities on the site constitutes consent to the terms of use without any limitation or qualification. Use of the site, is of course subject to all the provisions of the law.

We wish to remind you that the Aroma Israel chain operates all over israel, except for in the city of Tel Aviv – Jaffa, and it is separate from Aroma Tel Aviv chain.


Site Contents

1.      The site includes or it might include various kinds of information in different formats, which could change from time to time (hereinafter the "Content").

2.      Links to external sites, that appear on the site intended as a service to the site user. Aroma Israel is not liable for the sites that are linked, for the content presented in them, for the quality of the service provided in them, and for data and information presented in them. The link, as it appear on our site, does not show the quality of the link or the credibility of the content in this link.

3.      Pictures and drawings published on the site are for imagery and demonstration only, the contents of the products, dishes, the ingredients, and the manner of serving the dishes could in practice be different.

4.      The site is offered to the public as is. Aroma Israel makes the best of efforts that the, content and nutritional information shall be updated and accurate, however it is possible that the information shall not be full or that it shall contain errors. Aroma Israel is not responsible for inaccuracies or errors with respect to the information.


Nutritional Information

1.      The content on the site is for general and informative purposes only. Any nutritional information on the site does not replace medical, professional or nutritional consultation, and it is important to turn to a professional for obtaining such consultation. Therefore the content on the site should not be regarded as any medical or nutritional recommendation. Any reliance on the information is under the user's responsibility only.

2.      Not every product is compatible to people with special needs such as for example, diabetics. Therefore you must examine the ingredients of the product with your own certifies personal medical professional.

3.      One must refer to all of our products as containing allergens. Our products are not produced in an area which is clean of allergens. Our products could contain various kinds of allergens including: milk products, eggs, fish, various kinds of nuts, peanuts, wheat, rye, barley, oatmeal, soy and sesame.

4.      Gluten free products are sold in sealed packages; however, opening them in the branch could expose them to allergens.

5.      Some of our products could contain nuts, almonds, peanuts of various kinds and it is recommended to prevent children up to the age of 5 from consuming them.

6.      Most of our products are produced from fresh ingredients whose availability and nutritional value changes in accordance with the weather and seasons of the year. Furthermore we are constantly striving to develop our products and improve them, including switching ingredients and suppliers of ingredients. Therefore the nutritional value and the weight of our products that are published on this site are representative values, and we are acting to update them as quickly as possible after the change. However there can be a deviation in weight and in values that arises from these changes. The updated values for the day of consumption can be obtained by directly contacting Aroma Israel by email via the site or by telephone.

7.      Changes in products, in their ingredients, and in their content can be made without any prior notice. Aroma Israel shall make every effort, in order to update information on its site as soon as possible.

8.      It is clarified that in any event, due to the changing size of the portions, baking preparation and preparation by hand, a deviation of up to 20% in any information and data presented on the site is possible. In dishes that contain eggs, differences in cholesterol values are possible in accordance with its content in the eggs.

9.       Defining products as "light" or as "diet" refers to the caloric value in a portion.

10.  Even though we are proud of the employees of the branches and their qualifications, they are not a source for medical, nutritional or allergenic information whatsoever.

11.  Alongside many of our products, you may find Weight Watchers points.The points are provided by Weight Watchers, according to their system and in their sole responsibility.


Job Listings

1.      Aroma Israel is a chain of franchisees. Almost all of its branches are operated by independent franchisees. Aroma Israel is not the employer of the franchisees or the employees of the branches.

2.      The job listings on this page offer positions at the franchisees' branches of the Aroma Israel chain. Aroma Israel wishes to clarify that the jobs offered are on behalf of the franchisees, and their responsibility only. Aroma Israel instructs its franchisees to comply with all the requirements of the law with respect to the employment of employees, however, it does not employ these employees, and the terms of employment shall be determined in direct negotiations between the employee and the franchisee of the branch, without Aroma Israel's involvement. In light of the fact that Aroma Israel's branches are operated by different franchisee it is possible that the terms of employment and the requirements of the position shall be different from branch to branch, and from employee to employee, inter alia in light of the employee's qualifications and experience. Aroma Israel or any of its franchisees are not obligated to reply to applicants who submit a job listing request. The franchisees of the branch shall answer appropriate applicants in accordance with their discretion, their needs and the availability of jobs at their branches.


Managing the Site

1.      The site and the information in it are open for your use as is.

2.      Aroma Israel reserves its right to change and update the site from time to time, in any manner, including changing the content and/or design, removing links, and any other change, and this is without the need for prior notice, including blocking it from different places, restricting access, removing parts from the site and even removing the entire site. Any such change shall come into force immediately upon its publication on the site. The user shall not have any claim against Aroma Israel for such changes.

3.      Links to sites of other companies are included on the site. The links to these sites are made only as a service to the user of the site. The information presented on these sites is presented under the control of these companies and under their sole responsibility. Aroma Israel is not responsible for the propriety of these links.

4.      Sometimes for reasons that are beyond our control, cessations or interruptions could occur in the quality of service. We apologize for these disturbances, and we shall make an effort so that they will not occur, however, we cannot bear responsibility for such events.

5.      Use of the site and the information in it via any end user equipment is at the user's responsibility only. Aroma Israel shall not be responsible for any damage of any type that shall be caused with respect to using the site, its content and/or their effect on any end user equipment including software, hardware or any other equipment by which they were received.

6.      Aroma Israel reserves the right to refuse to grant access to this site or to any part of it to any user according to its sole discretion and without any prior warning.


The Liability of the User

1.      Use of the site is subject to these terms of use. By using the site, the user gives his consent to the rules of these terms and conditions in full and his undertaking to act in accordance with any law.

2.      Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid the user undertakes to refrain from the following actions hereafter:

a.       The user shall not commit any illegal or unlawful action through the site;

b.      The user shall not make any use of the site by using a false identity or identifying himself as another person;

c.       The user shall not make any commercial use of the site, for the purposes of profit or for advertizing;

d.      The user shall not make any use of the site for the purpose of making surveys and lotteries, for distributing chain letters, sending junk mail or spam;

e.       The user shall not copy, duplicate directly or indirectly the content of the site, the designs in it and the technologies unique to it;

f.       The user shall not change, harm, move or damage the content and the design of the site in any manner;

g.      The user undertakes to refrain from harming the site in any manner, its design, content, the links in it, including by way of sending harmful files (viruses) or any information or software that could harm it; The user shall not harm the site and/or the other users and/or harm the possibility of using it, including by way of changing, forging or deleting information;

h.      The user shall not make any commercial use of the content and the designs on the site (such as selling, leasing, distributing etc...);

3.      A user that shall make use of the site in contradiction to the rules of use or in contradiction to the provisions of the law shall be solely liable for his actions including any direct and/or indirect damage that shall be caused to Aroma Israel, to anyone on its behalf and to any third party.

4.      Without derogating from any other right of Aroma Israel, Aroma Israel shall be entitled, and the user expressly agrees, that if Aroma Israel shall suspect for any reason, that user is using the site in contradiction to the provisions of the terms and conditions or the provisions of any law, Aroma Israel shall be entitled to follow his use, and transfer information to third parties, and to take any reasonable means in order to prevent the re-occurrence of the infringing activities and to stop it, and to protect Aroma Israel's property, its reputation and its rights.

5.      Aroma Israel shall be entitled to immediately prevent users of the site any use of the site in contradiction to the rules in these terms and conditions or in any law, and this is without any need for prior notice. Terminating the user's use does not terminate the user's liability for his actions, and terminating the use is not consent to such actions. In addition the infringement of the rules could cause legal proceedings to be instituted whether by Aroma Israel or by any other authorized party.

6.      The user shall be liable for any damage and for any consequence that shall be caused from breaching these rules of use in these terms and conditions, and any law. The user undertakes to indemnify Aroma Israel immediately upon its demand for all of its damage, expenses, including the loss of profits and costs.


Exemption from Liability

1.      Use of the site is under the site user's responsibility.

2.      Aroma Israel is not responsible for any damage that shall be caused as a result of using the site or as a result of the information on the site, its effect on the user or for any other reason. Aroma Israel is not responsible for damage due to computer malfunctions or glitches in software applications of the user's computer equipment or any other property insofar as these shall be caused for any reasons, and especially as a result of using the site or downloading information from it.

3.      Aroma Israel is not responsible for any damage, directly, indirectly or consequential to any user or to any third party of any type or kind.

4.      For the purpose of this section, Aroma Israel means companies in Aroma Israel's concern of companies, its shareholders – directors, officers, management, franchisees, employees of branches, and anyone acting on their behalf or under Aroma Israel's permission. This provision shall be construed broadly in favor of Aroma Israel.

5.      Aroma Israel is making every effort, so that the information published on the site shall be correct, accurate and current. It is possible that the information is not complete or that the information contains errors. Errors on the site and in the information published in it, insofar as made, are in good faith, E&OE.

6.      The user is aware of the limits of the internet regarding securing information on the internet and it releases Aroma Israel from any liability in this matter.

7.      Pictures and drawings published on the site are for imagery and demonstration only, the contents of the products, dishes, the ingredients, and the manner of serving the dishes could in practice be different.

8.      Nothing mentioned in this site constitutes a recommendation or opinion or offer to purchase any product, and anything of the aforesaid does not increase Aroma Israel's responsibility, and it cannot derogate from the provisions in these terms and conditions.


Privacy and Databases

1.      Giving details and other information regarding yourself by the words "contact us" on the site constitutes consent by the user to make any use of this information for providing its services, including keeping the data and storing it.

2.      These details could be given to a third party, insofar as Aroma Israel shall be required to do so in accordance with any law or by any authority and in the event that legal proceedings are instituted against Aroma Israel.

3.      Giving personal information and other data as mentioned above also constituted consent to be included in Aroma Israel's databases, insofar as Aroma Israel shall choose to administer such databases. The databases shall serve Aroma Israel and the other companies in the Aroma Israel group or that are associated with it for various projects according to its discretion, without requiring additional consent of the user.

4.      Aroma Israel shall be entitled, in addition to the aforesaid, to make any use of information for the purpose of analyzing and delivering statistic information to other parties, for data mining, for indentifying trends and for commercial purposes such as these.

5.      Aroma Israel shall be entitled to transfer any detail that it received with respect to the candidacy for concession to bodies connected to it including bodies outside of Israel.

Aroma Card and Gift Card

1.      Use of these cards is also subject to the specific terms and conditions for using them, which appear on this site.

2.      The aforesaid in the chapter concerning privacy and databases as above, is also relevant with respect to information given with respect to Aroma cards and gift cards and whatever is uploaded on them.

3.      For operating these cards including checking their balance, Aroma Israel receives assistance from an external company. Aroma Israel is not responsible for any damage that shall be incurred as a result of a glitch caused at that supplier, giving erroneous information by him or reserving information by him or any other information.



1.      The copyrights, the intellectual property, and any other right in the site, in its design and the computer code, in the photographs, the pictures and any other information of any type on the site (hereinafter the "Information") is Aroma Israel's property only or the property of third parties that permitted Aroma Israel to publish the information pertaining to the copyrights on the site.)

2.      The users of the site undertake not to publish, distribute, copy, broadcast, present, duplicate, make any commercial use, copy, change, distort or harm information included on the site or in part of it, without the express written consent of Aroma Israel to use it and not to make any use of this information or in parts of it in contradiction to the provisions in copyright laws and in international treaties concerning copyrights. Aroma Israel is entitled to condition its consent and to even refuse to grant its consent, according to its sole discretion.

3.      The trademarks that appear on the site, are Aroma Israel's sole property. No use should be made of these marks, including copying them or creating copies of them for any purpose without Aroma Israel's express written consent.

4.      Aroma Israel's trademarks, the marks registered in its name and any other mark that is identified with it and/or that belongs to it and/or to any of the companies in the Aroma Israel group (whether a mark is noted on its side or not) are Aroma Israel's sole property and Aroma Israel is permitted to use it and/or use is permitted with Aroma Israel's express permission only. Placing Aroma Israel's trademarks on the site does not constitute any permission of the users of the site to make any use of the site and/or to harm the property rights of the trademarks and/or Aroma Israel's brand names.



1.      Use of the male gender in the terms and conditions and on the site is for convenience only, however it refers both to men and women. The term use in the site means for any user of the site of everything or of the information that is on it in any other way.

2.      Aroma Israel means Shefa Franchises Ltd. private co. no. 513356824 of 7 Hasolela St. Industrial Zone – Beit Shemesh.

3.      Aroma Israel may assign its rights according to these terms and conditions to any third party as it shall see fit and without any obligation on its part to publish the assignment, as mentioned in any place.

4.      These terms and conditions includes the entire relationship between Aroma Israel and the users of the site, and transmitting information via the site does not create any relationship between the user and Aroma Israel that exceeds as set forth in the provisions of these terms and conditions.

5.      The laws of the State of Israel only shall apply to the terms and conditions and to the site. The competent courts in the district of Tel Aviv shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

6.      If any part of the terms of use is not valid or is not enforceable, this cannot harm the validity of the other terms of these terms and conditions.