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Social Responsibility at Aroma

At Aroma, we act in several ways to implement and promote our social responsibility, primarily through leveraging the chain’s points of daily contact with our customers and community.
Aroma has chosen to focus on people with disabilities and to act to promote their rights and integrate them within Israeli society, out of the belief that all people should integrate within society in accordance to their abilities. With the expansion of the chain, employment of people with disabilities has increased and today workers with disabilities can be found in almost all of the chain’s cafés. The percentage of workers with disabilities at Aroma Israel is one of the highest in the Israeli economy.
As people with disabilities make up some 20% of Israel’s population, we are working to make our cafés accessible – both physically and by making our service accessible – so that everyone can enjoy our cafés. Accessibility means all people with any disabilities can live independently and with dignity.
In June 2003, together with the high-tech company Applied Materials, 'Havayot Rehovot' and 'Ashalim-Zionism 2000', we established a non-profit café at the Applied Materials building in Rehovot. The café employs at-risk youth, some of whom have left the formal education system. The café provides these youth with employment skills and professional experience in a supportive environment. The work allows the youth to fulfill their potential and advance in society. “Graduates” of the café have succeeded in being re-integrated within education institutions, enlisting in the IDF, passing professional training courses, and being integrated within various workplaces, including at the Aroma cafés. 
We dedicate “community time” at no cost to various non-for-profit organizations to display videos on the advertisement screens at our cafés. The videos displayed at our cafés provide exposure to the non-for-profit organizations and their work to hundreds of thousands of Aroma customers at all of our cafés throughout the country. 
To receive further information, please contact Noam Gedalyahu, social responsibility director at Aroma Israel, via email: noamgd@aroma.co.il
At our cafés, we provide our customers with the option of signing an ADI organ donor cards.