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Our History

Aroma Espresso Bar is among the largest and best-known café chains in Israel and has contributed significantly to the creation of a true coffee culture in Israel.
It began as an idea of two young men from Jerusalem who dreamed of a real espresso bar, the kind that always serves high-quality coffee, that ensures every cup is no less than perfect. The dream was realized in 1994 with the opening of the first Aroma on Hillel Street in Jerusalem, which was the first espresso bar in Israel.
The insistence on world-class coffee, simple but unique food prepared to order, and pleasant, fast and professional service ensured the consistent growth of the chain, which today hosts over 150 cafés all across Israel including its own coffee roastery, bakery, and factory for produce and dressings.


In 2006 a milestone was reached when Aroma crossed the ocean for the first time and reached New York. Over the years a number of additional cafés have been opened in Canada and Ukraine. Every branch runs on the same principles: excellent coffee, fresh food, service with a smile and most importantly – real love and passion.
The Aroma Tel Aviv chain is separate from the Aroma Espresso Bar chain and operates only within the city of Tel Aviv.

  • 1994, סניף הלל בירושלים - סניפה הראשון של ארומה
  • 1994, סניף הלל בירושלים - סניפה הראשון של ארומה
  • סניף ארומה הראשון בניו-יורק
  • בית הקלייה של ארומה
  • בית המאפה של ארומה
  • מפעל פרי טרי ובריא
  • סניף ארומה הראשון באוקראינה