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Our Bakery

The Aroma Bakery was established in 2004 and produces all the pastries, breads and cakes for the Aroma Espresso Bar chain. The dough which is used to bake pastries, breads and cakes is produced from whole wheat and leavened naturally, without preservatives or food coloring.
The products are delivered frozen to the cafés, and in each café the dough rises and is baked throughout the day, so that every customer receives fresh and delicious baked goods throughout the day.

  • בית מאפה - 1
  • בית מאפה - 2
  • בית מאפה - 3
  • בית מאפה - 4
  • בית מאפה - 5
  • בית מאפה - 6

Aroma offers its customers a choice of 3 breads: whole wheat bread, light-grain bread and white bread. Both the whole wheat bread and light-grain bread are made with 100% whole wheat flour. Both of these breads meet the Ministry of Health's recomendations for a healthier diet.