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Nutritional Information and Warnings

  1. The content on the site are for general and informative purposes only. The content on the site does not take the place of medical or nutritional consultation, and it is important to turn to a professional for obtaining such consultation. Therefore the content in the site should not be regarded as any medical or nutritional recommendation. Any reliance on the information is under the user's responsibility only.
  2. Not every product is compatible for people with special needs such as for example, diabetics. Therefore you must examine the ingredients of the product in accordance with any medical you might have, and recommendations from your personal doctor or any other professional on your behalf.
  3. One must refer to all of our products as containing allergens. Our products are not produced in an area which is clean from allergens. Our products could contain various kinds of allergens including: milk products, eggs, fish, various kinds of nuts, peanuts, wheat, rye, barley, oatmeal, soy and sesame.
  4. Gluten free products are sold in sealed packages, however, opening them in the branch could expose them to allergens.
  5. Some of our products could contain nuts, almonds, peanuts of various kinds and it is recommended to prevent children up to the age of 5 from consuming them.
  6. Most of our products are produced from fresh ingredients whose availability and nutritional value changes in accordance with the weather and seasons of the year. Furthermore we are constantly striving to develop our products and improve them, including switching ingredients and the suppliers of ingredients. Therefore the nutritional value and the weight of our products that are published on this site are representative values, and we are acting to update them as quickly as possible after the change. However there can be a deviation in weight and in values that arises from these changes. The updated values for the day of consumption can be obtained by directly contacting Aroma by email via the site or by telephone.
  7. Changes in products, in their ingredients, and in their content can be made without any prior notice. Aroma shall make every effort, in order to update information on its site as soon as possible.
  8. It is clarified that in any event, due to the changing size of the portions, baking preparation and personal service, a deviation of up to 20% in any information and data presented on the site is possible. In dishes that contain eggs, differences in cholesterol are possible in accordance with its content in eggs.
  9. Defining products as "light" or as "diet" refers to the caloric value in a portion.
  10. Even though we are proud of the employees of the branches and their qualifications, they are not a source for medical, nutritional or allergenic information whatsoever.
  11. Any discrepancies between the Hebrew and English version of these terms shall be decided upon according with the Hebrew version.
  12. Along side many of our products, you may find Weight Watchers points.The points are provided by Weight Watchers, according to their system and in their sole responsibility.