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Marrone-Rosso is the name for Aroma cafés in Kazakhstan and Romania.
The name Marrone-Rosso comes from Latin and means reddish-brown, which is the color of what’s known as the crème de la crème of coffee beans. In Colombia, one of the world’s coffee empires, coffee beans are picked according to their hue of marrone-rosso, as this color indicates the highest quality. The name expresses the sensuality and the experience of fine coffee, beyond its enticing appearance.

Aroma opened its first café in Kazakhstan in 2009, under the Marrone-Rosso brand. The café is located in Almaty, on one of the city's most vibrant and active streets. 
Marrone-Rosso cafés provide the same uncompromising quality of coffee, food and service as Aroma cafés in Israel.

Marrone-Rosso has 5 branches in Kazakhstan. Besides the city of Almaty, our branches can be found in Astana,Taraz and the Shymbulak resort.

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Marrone-Rosso in Kazakhstan