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Environmental Responsibility

We at Aroma Israel recognize our responsibility towards the significant environmental impact related with all areas of our activity, and are working towards decreasing this impact.
For about two years now, organic waste has been disposed of separately at our factories in the Valley of Ellah (the roasting plant, the bakery, and the Fresh and Hearty Factory), in cooperation with Good Energy Initiative. Each day, approximately one ton of organic waste is created and 100% of it is sent for waste conversion, mostly through composting and the rest through use as feed for goats and free range chickens. Thus, the air pollution involved in moving the waste to landfills in the Negev is prevented, primarily preventing the release of greenhouse gasses involved in the normal process of organic waste burial. In addition, feeding goats and free range chickens with scraps from the production line saves production and transportation of industrial animal feed.
In spesific branches, where the right infrastructure is provided by the municipal authority, there is a sepreation of organic waste and recycable waste
Our cafés also house containers for collection of used batteries, which are transported for burial at an appropriate site.
Using advanced technology, we have succeeded in decreasing the amount of paper in our napkins, without decreasing its quality – thus saving some 30 tons of paper each year.