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There are many local and international players in the Canadian coffee market (and there are also, of course, neighborhood cafés) and we have identified a real potential for Aroma’s concept.
Aroma’s first café in Toronto opened in the Hannex neighborhood in downtown Toronto, which is primarily a residential neighborhood and very popular because of its proximity to the University of Toronto. As of today, Aroma has a number of cafés scattered throughout various areas of Toronto, with different characters: mall cafés, street cafés and local cafés in business areas.
The product and atmosphere in the cafés are suitable for everyone, just like in Israel.
We hope that in time and with the expansion of the chain, the Aroma brand will become an integral part of the Canadian leisure culture as well, and already today, we identify positive feelings among Canadian clientele towards the brand.

Selection of the design, graphics, materials, and color elements was made according to the current branding of Aroma Israel, with an attempt to emphasize the uniqueness of the place and its customers. For example, the cafés in Israel and Canada were planned and designed by the same architect, and Aroma Israel’s branding office designs a significant part of the branding material for Canada as well, and directs the overall design concept.

Aroma has more than 40 Canadian locations in the greater Toronto area.


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