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Website accessibility

An accessible website is a website that enables people with disabilities and the elderly to surf at the same level of ease and enjoyment as that of all surfers.

This website complies with the requirements of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 5773 – 2013 and complies with the recommendations of Israeli Standard I.S. 5568 for website content accessibility at the level of AA, and with the recommendations of the WCAG2.0 document of the worldwide web consortium, W3C.

To enjoy an optimal surfing experience with screen-reader software, we recommend using the latest version of NVDA software.

Branch accessibility

One out of every five people in Israel has some physical or mental disability, but not all individuals with disabilities receive service that accommodates their needs. In other words, they are unable to get where they want to go, when they want, and receive proper service just like any other customer, because not all establishments have incorporated service accessibility adjustments to accommodate them.

At issue here is not necessarily any special or remarkably different service. All of us want to feel equal. The principle of accessibility is that all people, including those with any type of disability, should be able to live their lives independently and with dignity. Accessible service is a world view that we must adopt whenever we are providing service to customers, to people.

We are taking action to make our branches accessible, both physically and by making our service accessible, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the branches of the Aroma chain.

Aroma Israel has begun adapting its branches to the accessibility requirements of the Accessibility Law Regulations, and currently, dozens of our branches offer accessibility in compliance with these regulations.


These branches offer menus in braille, produced by Let’s Talk Assistive Technologies Ltd., a company founded by the blind and vision-impaired in order to serve the blind and vision-impaired community. We also offer menus for the vision-impaired that were designed in conjunction with and under the guidance of the ‘Between the Lines’ studio for graphic design and content, a studio founded in conjunction with the non-profit organization, Shekel, which employs people with special needs.

Each branch is equipped with an inductive loopset, a device that neutralizes background noise for hearing-impaired customers using hearing aids and thus, makes it easier for them to clearly hear the cashier when they place their order.

We also operate a message service for deaf and hearing-impaired customers at our branches: when we take their orders, we ask for their name and mobile phone number and, when their order is ready, we send them a text message (SMS). In this way, the deaf or hearing-impaired customer knows when to come to the counter and collect his/her order.


Aroma’s accessibility coordinator is Noam Gedalyahu. You may contact him at noamgd@aroma.co.il.