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Where Does the Coffee Go?

The coffee beans travel from the various countries to our unique roasting plant in the Valley of Elah, which we opened in 2004.
The roasting process is the most important stage in the development of the coffee's flavor, and therefore each type of coffee undergoes a traditional roast at the appropriate temperature, which produces the best flavor and aroma from each bean.
The green-hued beans darken when roasted. The roasting releases oils from the beans, each with its own particular aroma, and thus infuses the coffee with the perfect body, softness and presence which leave a lasting impression.

After roasting, the coffee blends are packed in special packaging which maintains freshness and flavor. Our packaging contains special valves which allow the coffee beans to release carbon dioxide but prevent the entry of oxygen which could damage the aroma.
From our roasting plant, the coffee bags travel to our branches across Israel and also to our branches abroad.

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