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A Perfect Cup of Coffee

Everything begins and ends with a good cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee begins with espresso.
Espresso is the basis for most coffee drinks served at Aroma, which is why we invest in the quality of the espresso from the stage of preparing the blend and roasting, through the coffee brewing at the café. The espresso is not based on a single variety of coffee, but rather on a blend of several varieties which creates the perfect balance of flavors. The special roasting of the espresso blend helps to extract the natural oils found in coffee beans.
Aroma is first and foremost a coffee chain, and so when a customer orders a cup of coffee at Aroma, he or she will receive it from an experienced barista who underwent barista training which combined theoretical knowledge and practical field tests. If you look closely, you'll see the barista pin shining on his or her shirt collar. We regularly hold barista championships and pass information on to employees consistently; we even have a substantial presence in international barista competitions.