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Our Roasting Plant

The roasting process is the most essential element in the development of coffee's flavor, and therefore every type of coffee in Aroma's roastery undergoes a traditional roast at the appropriate temperature, which produces the best flavor and aroma from each bean. Immediately after roasting, the coffee blends are packed in special packaging which maintains freshness and flavor, by way of a special valve which allows the beans to release carbon dioxide but prevents oxygen from entering and damaging the coffee's aroma.

At the heart of the roastery, which was established in 2004, are the advanced roasting machines developed in Italy. We roast beans every day, and the total quantity of beans roasted and distributed in Israel and to Aroma cafés around the world every month reaches thirty tons!!! We supply the coffee to the cafés in Ukraine, Canada and the US as well, and therein lies the magic: A customer drinking coffee in an Aroma in Beer Sheva is drinking the same coffee as a customer in an Aroma in Miami.
A sip of espresso can come and go, but a sip of perfect espresso makes you close your eyes, breathe deeply… and smile.

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